Close Looking: Experiencing curiosity, questioning and searching for information

Here’s a Close Looking challenge.

Look closely at each image below.

Search for more information in each image.

Develop questions as you search.

Image 1


Here are some questions to get you started:

-What is this? List a variety of possibilities. Add and delete possibilities as you search for information.

– Do you think this is alive? Why?

-What do you think this feels like? Why?

-What is it’s purpose?

-In what areas of the world is this found?

-Why is it this colour? Do you think the colour ever changes? What makes you think this?

-Do you think it has a smell? What are you thinking the smell would be like?

-Do you think this is beautiful? Is it ugly? Creepy? Why?

Image 2


Look at this next picture. What additional information is now available?

How is your thinking changing?

Image 3


How does this extra information change your thinking?

Image 4


What do you now know?

List the information you’ve gathered and make note of how your ideas have changed.

Do you know what this is? (If you’re expecting an answer from us, you’re out of luck.)

Decide what you need to find out what this is. Work with a colleague to develop a set of questions and sources of information to find the answers.

Share this experience with your students and listen to their responses. It’s a great opportunity to listen in on and make note of each student’s problem solving strategies.

Suggest your students create a similar “What is it?” challenge to share with their peers and their parents/guardians.

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