Looking and wondering: When does a line become an angle?

Take a walk with your students or your child. Search for a line that becomes in interesting shape. The stop, look, question and encourage students to wonder.

If it’s not a good day to go outside, have a look at this image and ponder the thinking questions below. All of a sudden, geometry makes sense . . .


When does a line become an angle?

Are all angles the same size?

When does an angle become a triangle?

Are all triangles the same size?

When does a triangle become a square?

Are all squares the same size?

When do squares become rectangles?

Are all rectangles the same size?

How many triangles fit inside a square?

How many triangles fit inside a rectangle?

Where is the biggest triangle?

Where is the smallest triangle?

How many triangles are in an X?

Are the angles the same size?

This tower is made up of repeating sections. Find a section of this tower. Can you draw it?

Now try making it:

making angles

One more thing to think about . . . which shape can carry the most weight? A triangle, a square, a diamond, or a rectangle?

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