Knot Here: Communities that promote lifelong learning

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Each summer, the oceanside village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia celebrates Harbourfest.  In addition to cardboard boat races, a soap box derby, crafts and music, families and friends are invited to engage in Knot Here: A Trail of Nautical Knots. This unique community learning activity is a great example of  how a simple walk can turn into an opportunity for adults and children to pause, read, view, build vocabulary, learn some history, develop spatial awareness, and problem solve. Check out these images and see how Pugwash is a community where everyone, young and old, is encouraged to take time out of their busy days to walk, pause, talk, think and learn.

  • A reason to pause and and think. Here’s everything you need (words, pictures, and a sample) for an interesting challenge.


  • So much information – and a rhyming verse to commit the steps to memory.


  • Everyone can try it out – lots of opportunity to problem solve together.


Click here for more examples of how to engage the community in learning.

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