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Planning a PLC that provides an Inquiry Based / Growth Mindset approach to learning.

The Mindset of Lesson Planning

An effective curriculum provides not only an outcomes framework but, more importantly, a mindset to create learning opportunities that are responsive to student learning, integrate learning strategies throughout all subject areas, and ensure ongoing student progress. Here’s how: First thoughts: … Continue reading

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Becoming a Writer: What We Learn From a Child’s First Stories

My son’s first story consisted of a series wavy lines and curlicues written in black marker across the back of a leather sofa. Upon completion, he declared, “Look! I wrote my story in grown up writing!” And for those of you … Continue reading

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Meaningful Feedback in Minutes

With advance preparation and planning, meaningful feedback does not need to take exorbitant amounts of time. Here’s a road map that not only reduces the time needed to provide meaningful feedback in minutes, it increases the student’s understanding that a … Continue reading

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Developing a Common Understanding of Growth Mindset

If you were to create a top 10 list of this year’s professional conversations about teaching and learning, we’re pretty sure that Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset would be at  the top of the list.  When any topic becomes … Continue reading

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Appreciative Inquiry: Applications for Education

There’s a lot of interest in Appreciative Inquiry and its application for educational change. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was designed by David Cooperrider as a strategic planning tool; its applications in an educational setting are creating a lot of excitement. Here’s … Continue reading

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