Re-igniting Professional Learning

At Beyond the Apple, we build our extended conversations on our Tenets of Adult Education.

As soon as participants enter a Beyond the Apple Professional Learning Session, they put on their thinking caps. A series of chart boards offer invitations to think, to question, and to share responses. . . Read More 

Once the “thinking cogs” are oiled, we use a discrepant event to demonstrate how dissonance provides an opportunity for to question, wonder, and think about possibilities. It’s a great way to set the stage for a learning-filled session. Have a look:  Professional Learning: Let’s Think About This!  

For an explanation of why this works, go to:

For more information about discrepant events, go to:

If you like the idea of using discrepant events to get the thinking wheels oiled, you’ll also like the idea of introducing a professional learning session with an ambiguous image.

 Click here for an interesting discussion about a very common ambiguous image.

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