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The Mindset of Lesson Planning

An effective curriculum provides not only an outcomes framework but, more importantly, a mindset to create learning opportunities that are responsive to student learning, integrate learning strategies throughout all subject areas, and ensure ongoing student progress. Here’s how: First thoughts: … Continue reading

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Exit Slips and Feedback Revisited

Let’s face it . . . when we rely on essays and tests to gather information about student learning, not only do students become essay and test weary, the process of assessment development, marking, and providing feedback can be the … Continue reading

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Meaningful Feedback in Minutes

With advance preparation and planning, meaningful feedback does not need to take exorbitant amounts of time. Here’s a road map that not only reduces the time needed to provide meaningful feedback in minutes, it increases the student’s understanding that a … Continue reading

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Writing Fair (Equitable) Assessments

A well-written test, quiz, or examination will complement the many other forms of classroom assessment we use. A poorly written test, quiz, or examination is invalid; it does little to provide information about student learning. In the jargon of assessment … Continue reading

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