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Beyond the Apple provides everything a Professional Learning Community needs! Designed to follow Beyond the Apple's Tenets of Adult Education, our videos re-ignite the excitement of professional conversations among educators in the classroom, university, colleges and professional training. Our free teaching and learning resources provide a follow up with more information that is current, research based and practical.

Rethinking Alphabet Charts

Check out this chart. B is for hamburger, H is for chicken, Q is for people, R is for flower, S is for dessert, J is for drink, N is for spaghetti. Yes, this chart is attempting to be culturally … Continue reading

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Close looking: “O that she knew she were . . . a balloon?”

From: At Beyond the Apple, we’re always looking for an intriguing image that provides an anchor to “cog up” a student’s problem solving. When we saw Canada’s Twisted Team recreate  Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene in balloons, we knew … Continue reading

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Re-imagining our teaching practice: how do we begin?

Dana’s words, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” serve to open this conversation about how a teacher’s ongoing professional learning can and should modify, enhance or wholeheartedly change their teaching practice. Let’s get that conversation started. Accept … Continue reading

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Does the image of an apple hold back educational change?

The purpose of an iconic image is to create and sustain a message. So, why does an apple represent education? It might be a reference to Newton’s apple, which certainly reflects the search for knowledge, but here’s what most people … Continue reading

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Exploring Social Studies Through Arts-Based Pedagogy

 The Beyond the Apple video introducing arts based pedagogy is available at: Infusing arts-based pedagogy into classroom practice provides students and teachers with an opportunity to view content through a new perspective. Here’s how we used arts based pedagogy … Continue reading

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What Does Growth Mindset Look Like?

Growth mindset, first mentioned by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, is a simple but powerful idea with tremendous impact. In essence, people with a growth mindset have a “not yet” attitude. Rather than thinking “I don’t know it”, a person … Continue reading

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Rethinking lesson planning

(from lesson plan templates / Google images) Writing lesson plans is an integral component of a teacher’s daily practice. The lesson plan template is designed to communicate the topic of the lesson (the curriculum focus), the activities of the lesson … Continue reading

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