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Re-imagining our teaching practice: how do we begin?

Dana’s words, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” serve to open this conversation about how a teacher’s ongoing professional learning can and should modify, enhance or wholeheartedly change their teaching practice. Let’s get that conversation started. Accept … Continue reading

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The Stories of Home

Daniel Wicks’ poem, A Voice to Tell Stories  capture how a family’s stories are not only an integral component of a young child’s learning, they keep the family’s history alive.  Share this poem with your school community and invite community … Continue reading

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Know the Community; Know the Student

The term “funds of knowledge” refers to a community’s “historically accumulated and culturally developed bodies of knowledge” (Moll, Amanti, Neff, & Gonzalez, 2001). Regardless of the location, a school’s community has many funds of knowledge.       Funds of knowledge … Continue reading

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Re-framing Conversations About Disengaged Students

At a recent a professional learning session focused on re-engaging the disengaged student, we asked each participant to write a few words on a post-it to describe a disengaged student. The completed post-it notes were attached to a white board. … Continue reading

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Using the Poems and Songs of Home Language as Anchors for Literacy Learning

The potential of using home language as an entry point to school literacy learning is an important topic for a professional learning conversation. Home language is situated in the heart of a community.  The vocabulary, structures, and rhythms of one’s … Continue reading

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Do heritage months promote culturally inclusive classrooms or othering?

Heritage Months, designed as a way to celebrate diversity and develop culturally inclusive classrooms, may actually lead to unintended but very real stereotyping. Here’s an example of what may happen when a celebration such as Cinco do Dayo is co-opted … Continue reading

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