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Does the image of an apple hold back educational change?

The purpose of an iconic image is to create and sustain a message. So, why does an apple represent education? It might be a reference to Newton’s apple, which certainly reflects the search for knowledge, but here’s what most people … Continue reading

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Re-framing Conversations About Disengaged Students

At a recent a professional learning session focused on re-engaging the disengaged student, we asked each participant to write a few words on a post-it to describe a disengaged student. The completed post-it notes were attached to a white board. … Continue reading

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Re-igniting professional learning with a challenge to think

The first 10-15 minutes of any professional learning session provide an opportunity to set the stage for thinking, wondering, and sharing. Before you jump into the content, grease the participants’ thinking cogs by demonstrating a discrepant event. Here’s an example … Continue reading

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